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    Some of these countries include Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

    Carbon 14 dating math problem

    By looking at the ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-14 in the sample and comparing it to the ratio in a living organism, it is possible to determine the age of a formerly living thing fairly precisely. So, if you had a fossil that had 10 percent carbon-14 compared to a living sample, then that fossil would be: t = [ ln (0.10) / (-0.693) ] x 5,700 years t = [ (-2.303) / (-0.693) ] x 5,700 years t = [ 3.323 ] x 5,700 years Because the half-life of carbon-14 is 5,700 years, it is only reliable for dating objects up to about 60,000 years old.

    The ratio of the amount of 14C to the amount of 12C is essentially constant (approximately 1/10,000).

    Note that the purpose of this task is algebraic in nature -- closely related tasks exist which approach similar problems from numerical or graphical stances.

    The standards do not prescribe that students use or know with log identities, which form the basis for the "take the logarithm of both sides" approach.

    $$ Time in this equation is measured in years from the moment when the plant dies ($t = 0$) and the amount of Carbon 14 remaining in the preserved plant is measured in micrograms (a microgram is one millionth of a gram).

    So when $t = 0$ the plant contains 10 micrograms of Carbon 14.

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